Fresh Made Image

During my time at Fresh Made Image, I developed designs for clients as well as marketing materials for Fresh Made Image themselves. This gave me freedom to be creative in amplifying our own brand rather than following guidelines set by the client. Utilizing existing brand standards, I reimagined Fresh Made's lime logo for use on a t-shirt, which expanded into further packaging and hang tags. 

Mavens Creamery

While at Fresh Made Image I worked with Mavens Creamery, a longstanding client of the shop. I developed design concepts based on their company rebrand, beginning with labels for both their new macaron cheesecake line, and their existing macaron ice cream line, while using guidance from post-rebrand promotional materials to ensure consistency with their new style. This guidance became even more crucial when the project was elevated to include graphics to wrap the freezer units and culminated in a digital advertisement at the point of sale.

Aquatic Collection

For Aquatic Collection I worked directly with the owner, a client of Fresh Made Image. Based on his specifications, I created a range of stickers for use at their place of business, featuring the logo and text established by a fellow Fresh Made designer.

Timber Business Park Monument Sign Permit

The work I did at Fresh Made Image varied greatly by client. l was charged with creating a permit drawing for a monument sign that was to be erected at Timber Business Park. Not only did the illustration of the sign and construction need to be accurate, I also needed to ensure the inclusion of all of the information necessary to the permit.

Krush Burger

A fair amount of production work at Fresh Made Image included applying graphics to mall kiosks, and occasionally designing them as well. For Krush Burger I was responsible for the end-to-end process, from initial design using pre-measured templates, through the printing and cutting process, to installation at the mall.


I created a t-shirt design a for UC based study abroad program, UCEAP. This design focused on the human connections we make as we travel as well as included the points of interest. This had the added challenge of working with a pre-determined shirt color and only two additional colors.


I created a series of geometrical wave patterns for use on t-shirts or posters.

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